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Cluster Box Units (CBUs) Overview

National Mailboxes is proud to offer an innovative mail delivery solution for both residential areas and commercial spaces which serve multiple tenants. Today’s mail delivery requirements have changed from those in the past and include more packages and a greater need for mail security. The CBU, or cluster box unit, can meet these needs.

Skip the Post Office with Outgoing Mail Slots. Outgoing mail slots allow customers to deposit regular-sized mail onsite, offering convenience and time saved.

  • Anti-fishing combs prevent thieves from retrieving mail from a mail slot compartment.
  • A sturdy lock keeps mail safe.
  • A hood over the outgoing mail slot diverts rain and debris and prevents damage to the inner contents.

Tenant Locks Provide Security. Each customer compartment can hold a good volume of regular sized mail without bending. Features include:

  • Tamper-proof locks
  • Sturdy construction
  • Heavy-duty latches to prevent tampering and theft

Parcel Lockers for Packages.

Parcel lockers are included with most CBU’s that accept USPS delivery. They are great for handling packages of most sizes. Features include:

  • Sturdy construction
  • A key-trapping lock for tenant use, which traps a key until USPS retrieval
  • Various sizes for holding packages
  • Outdoor parcel lockers can be purchased separately, to add to an existing system. These are great if larger parcel lockers are needed.

Additional Safety Mechanisms.

CBU’s have several more safety features to keep outgoing and incoming mail and packages safe from damage and thieves.

  • Overlapping seams on the front of the unit prevent prying using tools such a crowbar.
  • A sloped roof and drip edge will keep rain from tenant compartments
  • An easy-to-use handle to open the unit’s master lock

CBUs Offer a Choice. Different CBUs are available to help you match your customer needs.

  • Cluster box units come in six different models, where customer units and parcel lockers vary in number.
  • Four different colors are available, ranging from gray to beige.
  • CBUs also offer accessories such as roof types, in matching colors.

Cluster Box Unit FAQs: