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Locking Curbside Mailboxes For Commercial Properties

Commercial properties have a lot of expenses and so do those who own and manage commercial properties such as office buildings and strip malls. Handing incoming and outgoing mail is just one expense that both tenants and owners must consider.

A single small business can spend hundreds or more per month to deal with expenses related to mail delivery. These other expenses can include travel to a post office, lost packages, and more.

Mailboxes themselves can be part of that expense, but if handled correctly, the benefits for property owners and the tenants they serve can outweigh the costs. When serving several businesses in a location such as a strip mall or small office building, locking curbside mailboxes may be the answer to a property’s mail needs.

When Locking Curbside Mailboxes Will Work Well

Every commercial property owner wants to keep good tenants for years to come. A good way to help do that is to provide easy and secure mail delivery with the right type of mailboxes.

In some cases, centralized 4C pedestal mailboxes or horizontal mailboxes will work well and will provide secure delivery. However, locking curbside mailboxes will also work well if the mail volume isn’t too high and the commercial tenants aren’t receiving too many larger packages in the mail. If packages are normally delivered to each business directly, and those businesses are always open during USPS hours, then locking curbside mailboxes may work here as well since packages aren’t being left unsecured and outdoors.

Curbside mail delivery also works well when there are only a few tenants occupying a commercial property. These mailboxes can come singly, but the right accessories can easily turn a single curbside mailbox into one with multiple compartments that serves two or more customers.

Locking curbside mailboxes are like normal curbside mailboxes, except that they are typically larger than regular mailboxes and have a lock that only the customer can access. Mail is typically dropped through a flap or through a slot by a USPS employee. Then, the customer is able to retrieve mail at their convenience. One drawback is that these boxes typically can’t handle anything larger than magazines or small packages.

Mail chests are a larger version of roadside, locking mailboxes and will work well when a business needs to handle a higher mail volume.

Locking curbside mailboxes may also fill the mail delivery gap when space is insufficient for the generally larger 4C pedestal mailboxes. They do not require a concrete slab as pedestal mailboxes do, and do not require a bare wall as 4C horizontal mailboxes do.

The Features Available

Security is a major concern for both commercial and residential tenants. That includes the safety of mail delivery. Increasing security can help to attract good tenants who will want to stay for a long time.

The good news is that locking, curbside mailboxes can meet these needs. First, the locking mechanism keeps business mail safe from theft. These units are made of sturdy aluminum, keeping them safe from tampering and other damage and making them last for many years to come.

Many of these mailboxes are built with USPS specifications and requirements in mind, meaning that during installation, a property owner or manager will only need to worry about installing the mailbox at the correct height and distance from the curb.

For some locking mailboxes, posts can be ordered that can hold two locking mailboxes at a time. This means that two businesses can share the same post, which will save money and space. It it also possible to install multiple locking mailboxes side by side on the same curb, allowing for a sort of centralized delivery. Spreader plates can also be added to posts if a property owner wants to mount more than one locking mailbox to the same post.

Outgoing mail trays are included with these types of mailboxes as well, saving businesses trips to the post office unless larger packages need mailing.

Mail chests are larger versions of locking mailboxes. They are capable of handling larger amounts of commercial mail and have larger outgoing mail trays for USPS pickup. Like other locking mailbox types, spreader plates can allow for the installation of 2 to 3 mailboxes on the same post. This can make installation cheaper and simpler if multiple businesses need the same type of mail delivery.

Posts can be ordered for in-ground installation or for bolting to a solid surface such as concrete. This allows property owners and managers to install mailboxes at a roadside, regardless of the ground surface.

How To Install

To install these secure curbside mailboxes, a property manager will need to follow the USPS regulations for the installation of curbside mailboxes. These regulations are the same as the ones for residential curbside boxes. This is to improve the ease of a USPS employee’s job and make mail delivery safe and effective.

All types of curbside mailboxes, locking or otherwise, will need to be installed between 6 and 8 inches from the curb itself, and the mailboxes must be no higher than 45 inches from the ground level and no lower than 41 inches. This will be the easiest when installing a post that simply bolts to concrete, but measurements will need to be taken to ensure that the height is correct when burying a post in the ground.

Business address numbers must show on each mailbox, and all mailboxes must be on the same side of the road as the others on the street, for easy USPS mail delivery.

The mailbox post or posts are installed first, and must be no deeper than 24 inches into the ground if an in-ground post is chosen. Each mailbox on the unit should be level before the holes are filled in and any concrete is poured. If no curb is available, it is good practice to contact the postmaster.

Get Started Today

There are many options when it comes to providing mail delivery for a commercial property. In some cases, less can be more, and locking curbside mailboxes can meet that need. The ability to make a single roadside post serve multiple customers is also ideal for commercial properties with a few businesses. Contact us today to get started and to choose the right mailbox type for you.