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The Sticky History of the Rural Mailbox

Did you know that prior to the 1850s the rural mailbox did not exist?

Without the development of the mailbox, we would likely be living in a vastly different world today.

As early as the 12th century A.D., humans were using pigeons to send long-distance messages to one another, occasionally saving lives with these messages.

The advent of the modern letter delivery service allowed for even better communication, as it depended more on people than pigeons.

However, with the humble beginnings of the postal service, mailboxes were soon to follow.

But, these boxes for mail did not always look the way that they do today. In fact, there was a wide variety of them that predated the existing one.

Read on to find out about the rocky start of American mailboxes.

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How to Select the Best Multi-Unit Mailbox For Commercial Use

Amazon Prime delivered 5 billion packages in 2017, and there’s no sign of a slowdown coming anytime soon. With packages delivered to everyone from commercial to residential customers, commercial companies are especially reliant on secure mail facilities. When you’re shopping for a multi-unit mailbox, you should keep in mind the changing state of mail delivery.

Shipping sensitive customer or product data can be important to small businesses, legal firms, and medical offices. They want to know that you’ve carefully chosen a good multi-unit mailbox solution that will keep their secrets safe.

When you’re searching for the best multi-unit mailbox for your commercial site, be sure you consider these 5 features.

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Old Fashioned Identity Theft: How to Keep Your Identity Safe

There are so many ways for people to steal your identity as technology grows and changes. But are you still protecting yourself against old-fashioned ID theft?

53% of identity theft cases are actually not from a digital source. Your physical information is just as important to keep secure as your digital information. So keeping your mail secure is critical to protecting your identity.

But don’t worry. We’ve got the top 5 things you can do to prevent mail identity theft so you don’t have to stress about keeping your information secure.

1. Get Your Mail In A Timely Manner

When life gets crazy, your mail is probably the last thing on your mind. But keeping it from piling up in your mailbox is really important.

It’s always best to make sure nothing is left in your mailbox overnight. So start making a routine out of doing one last check before you lock up for the night. This way there won’t be any valuable information just sitting in your mailbox for someone to take.

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Everything Your Mail Carrier Wants You To Know

Guess what? In 2017, the Postal Service processed and delivered 149.5 billion pieces of mail.

That’s a lot of mail delivered by a lot of mail carriers! But even though you see him or her often, there are a lot of things you probably don’t know about your mail carrier.

That’s why we’ve compiled everything your postal carrier wants you to know in this blog post.

Check it out!

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Your Guide to a Business Cluster Mailbox

The United States Postal Service processes around 493 million pieces of mail every day. Even with this undivided business, they are still struggling to keep up financially. As a result, a new system called a cluster mailbox was devised.

Dropping the mail off at your door is incredibly costly. In fact, some estimate that it costs around $353 a year just for one home. Most of the time, you aren’t in charge of these costs, the postal service is.

However, with rising prices every year, postal units are looking for new ways to be fiscally responsible. Instead of going door to door delivering mail, mail carriers are encouraging businesses to get cluster mailboxes.

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How to Install a Commercial Mailbox

Are you a business, part of collective of businesses sharing an office space, or just someone in charge of installing a mailbox?

You’ve probably seen those large commercial mailboxes lining neighborhoods and business complexes and wonder how you can do it too.

Well, the good news for you is that it’s actually easy to install a mailbox!

No matter what kind or how many commercial mailboxes you’re looking to install, we have a guide that will take you from beginning to end of the installation process in five easy steps.

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A Guide to the Top Cluster Box Units for 2018

The future is here. But instead of flying cars and time machines, we’ve got smaller revolutions, like changes to our mail.

One of those changes is the introduction of cluster box units or CBUs. These multi-unit mailboxes provide elegant solutions to a multitude of postal problems.

So how do you enter the future with a CBU equipped with the features you need for the challenges that come with shipping and receiving packages in 2018?

With this handy guide to the top cluster box units of the year, you’ll find a plethora of options, each with unique features that fit your needs.

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Finding the Best Locking Mailbox to Suit Your Business Needs

153.9 billions pieces of mail were delivered in 2017.

That’s a lot of mail floating around. Mail fraud is a serious felony, but unfortunately, it happens more than we are aware of. In fact, it is one of the most common federal criminal charges.

One of the most famous mail fraud cases happened in 1920. Charles Ponzi reportedly made 1 million dollars a day on a scheme using postal reply coupons. He ended up in federal prison and died a poor, crippled man. But not before the term “Ponzi Scheme” was coined.

When it comes to mail, you want to know it is safe and secure. Choosing the correct locking mailbox is imperative. Keep reading to find the best choice for you.

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The 3 Benefits of Using Locking Mailboxes

Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US?

In fact, according to a recent survey, $16 billion was stolen from 15.4 million U.S. consumers in 2016.

Thieves can hack your computer, steal documents from your trash or even steal the post from your mailbox. How can you protect yourself and your family?

One way is to make sure your mailbox is kept securely locked. What are the benefits of using locking mailboxes? Keep reading to find out!

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The Top 5 Security Features of 4C Mailboxes

While almost everyone has had an encounter with theft, have you ever been a victim of mail theft? In 2013, the Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General arrested 2,876 mail thieves. Of course, unofficially, the numbers of mail theft victims is likely much higher than this.

Who doesn’t love waiting for packages or presents to come in? The last thing anyone wants to imagine is someone stealing them from their mailbox. This is, however, a risk of having an unsecured mailbox – especially during the holidays.

The best way to prevent this crime is to step up your mailbox security. This is where 4C mailboxes come in. Check out these 5 ways 4C mailboxes can protect valuable mail.

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Ideal Dimensions for Modern Commercial Mailboxes

Commercial mailboxes are as vital now as ever. With all the advances in technology in today’s world, nothing has replaced the need or importance of commercial mailboxes.

Commercial mailboxes come in a number of sizes. So how big does your mailbox really need to be?

Keep reading to learn about the ideal mailbox dimensions for your business.

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7 Tips to Having the Coolest Mailbox on the Block

Did you know that the 1923 law mandating that every American have a mailbox is still in force?

Pretty crazy, right?

Luckily, there’s no law saying you can’t have some fun with the way your mailbox looks.

Even if you tend to use email more than snail mail, having an awesome mailbox at the end of your drive is a great way to show off your personality, make your house stand out, and increase curb appeal.

There are tons of different ways to personalize your mailbox, so there’s something out there to suit absolutely everyone.

Can’t think of a cool design?

Keep reading for tons of personalized mailbox inspiration.

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4 Ways To Keep Your Mail Slot Safe And Secure

Mail slots are convenient ways to get your mail without bundling up in cold weather or braving the summer heat. They’re also a vintage homage to a simpler time.

Unfortunately, a mail slot can be alluring for a burglar, too. Unlike other residential mailboxes, mail drops provide a way into your home that most homeowners forget to secure.

An obvious solution is to give up your mail drop altogether in favor of a roadside mailbox. This can involve replacing your front door with one that doesn’t have a mail drop. Or you could install a slot cover for a more cost-effective fix. Either way, you would need to check with your local post office for regulations.

But fortunately, you can keep the whimsy of your mail drop while also making it more secure. Here’s how:

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3 Major Benefits Of Parcel Lockers

Living in today’s society of instant gratification, it can be difficult to keep up with constantly pleasing customers. It almost seems like customers continue to expect more and more convenience when doing business.

This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, though. Innovative progress can be an opportunity for a business to grow and build a larger, more loyal clientele.

One option to consider is the installation of parcel lockers for customers. With the substantial rise of E-commerce trade, everyday individuals have become used to receiving their digital orders quickly and efficiently.

Listed below are the three major reasons a parcel locker could be a sensible, long-term investment for anyone.

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Why You Need to Pick A Heavy Duty Mailbox for Your Business

Is your business mailbox heavy-duty? Or is it a small and weak piece of material? Your business probably receives lots of packages and letters. You also may use physical mail for marketing and receive marketing materials.

You need a mailbox that can sustain a large amount of mail you receive.

The quality of your mailbox also depends on your company’s image. If your mailbox is scratched and chipped, will that represent a good image for your company?

There are several benefits of upgrading your mailbox to a more durable one.

A brand new mailbox will give your business a sleeker image and provide great hardware for holding mail.

Here are a few reasons why you should get a heavy duty mailbox for your company.

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