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The New High Security Parcel Locker

Nobody likes package theft except for package thieves, and no one likes the idea of their packages sitting unsecured for any length of time, whether that be on a porch or in front of an apartment doorway. And even if packages can sit in a secured area, such as a mail room, no one wants boxes and other parcels piling up and taking up valuable space. Such a setup can lead to lost, misplaced, or damaged items.

Unfortunately, package theft has increased in recent years. In fact, in 2022, over an eighth of people in the US suffered from package theft of some sort. Most often, thefts happen in places where there are a lot of people—cities, apartment complexes, and larger commercial properties.

Many properties that receive lots of packages fit this description, and most often, these properties see package delivery to apartment doors, lobbies, and other common areas. Even condo communities can suffer package theft from porches, as they often use curbside mailboxes that can’t accommodate larger parcels.

The good news is that parcel lockers are an excellent choice for keeping packages safe until a customer can pick it up. You may have seen them before or considered them for your commercial property. After all, tenant happiness and retention are great ways to save money and spread a good word about your property.

What Do Parcel Lockers Do?

In a nutshell, parcel lockers are locking compartments, typically made of aluminum and/or steel, that hold packages for customers until pickup. These are typically USPS packages that are placed directly by the postal service, but these lockers can also be used by third parties (such as property employees) to store packages from other carriers and even from within an organization.

Parcel lockers all use a lock and key mechanism. When a package gets delivered to one, the customer gets a key to access the particular locker. The key is placed into the customer’s mailbox if the delivery is directly from the USPS, or it can be given to the customer by a third party (such as within a college mail room.)

If you’re purchasing and installing parcel lockers for USPS delivery, you’ll need one parcel door per ten regular mail doors. If installing in a remodeled or new apartment, you’ll need one door per every five units.

Parcel lockers also have features such as:

  • A captive lock system that holds the customer’s key in the lock until postal service pickup
  • Heavy-duty aluminum or stainless-steel construction
  • The ability to stand alone (as a pedestal or freestanding type parcel locker), recess, or mount to a vertical surface
  • The ability to provide indoor or outdoor use
  • Resistance to weathering with a powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel locks which are resistant to tampering
  • Parcel lockers are designed to mount or stand beside centralized mailboxes of the same mounting type, allowing property managers to “add on” to a setup or mail station as needed.
  • Parcel lockers often come with a cabinet of centralized mailboxes, especially those that are approved for USPS delivery. However, more can be added to the setup as needed, or as customers on a property increase in number.
  • All parcel lockers are meant to store packages only. Regular mail cannot be placed into them.
  • Most parcel lockers can come in a variety of powder-coat finishes to suit the color scheme of virtually any property.

The NEW High-Security Models

Because thieves and vandals are always looking for new ways to break through the defenses of mailboxes and parcel lockers, manufacturers are constantly improving the design of centralized mailboxes, including parcel lockers. The NEW 4C line of parcel lockers are also designed to further reduce the chances of package and parcel theft.

Higher security models have a few additional design additions for additional safety. These lockers come as recessed or freestanding models. Recessed models are protected partly by being recessed into a wall, leaving thieves no good way to remove them. Freestanding models are most often in open areas and attached to concrete slabs, making them difficult to dismantle and haul away. In addition, freestanding parcel lockers are contained within sturdy metal cabinets.

  • NEW high security parcel lockers include heavy-duty, dustproof locks. Three keys are provided to each customer.
  • These models each have a unique multi-unit connector kit for attaching these lockers to centralized mailboxes or to other parcel lockers, reducing the chance of successful tampering
  • Recessed models must be at least 17 inches deep for greater security
  • Rack ladder parcel lockers have quarter-inch thick aluminum doors
  • The new pedestal-style parcel lockers are made of heavy-duty aircraft aluminum, and are rated for outdoor use
  • For private delivery, high-security package protector lockers are available. These lockers work well for single-family homes and small businesses and utilize mechanical combination locks. They are good for use with any package carrier and can stand alone or recess into a wall for greater security.
  • Package protector lockers have resettable combination locks, allowing the owner to reset the code whenever needed.

Should I Switch to High Security Parcel Lockers?

When is a good time to invest in high security parcel lockers?

If you are building, planning, or renovating a property, now is a good time to consider high-security parcel lockers, particularly if your property is in a high-traffic area. If theft has been an issue, or customers are complaining of broken lockers or no lockers, now is also an excellent time to make such an important investment. And since high-security type lockers are of the most durable construction, investing now will mean less cost and headache in the future.

Have Any More Questions?

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