12-Tenant Door NDCBU Mailbox Rear Loading (Includes Pedestal) Type 2 – H6710-43

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Type 2 NDCBU Mailbox

Unit Size: 55-1/8″H x 20-7/16″W x 15″D (Height includes Pedestal)


  • Tenant Door Size: 5”high x 6”wide x 15”deep
  • 4 Doors High x 3 Doors Wide
  • 12 Doors Numbered 1-12
  • All Tenant Locks and Keys are Included
  • Pedestal Included
  • If for USPS Use/Access: Local Postmaster Approval is Required – Due to older retro rear loading type. Also due to the fact that there are no parcel locker compartments for packages which is a new USPS postal requirement and regulation.

Colors: Standard color is Anodized Aluminum/Silver


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