25 B-Size Door Private Distribution Horizontal Mailbox Unit – Front Loading – H160225FL

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High-quality Commercial Mailboxes Made in the USA

Private Horizontal Mailboxes are ideal for use in locations that have a mail room, like dormitories at universities. Each module provides a lot of compartments in a small space. These commercial mailboxes have no minimum or maximum mounting height requirements because they are private delivery mailboxes and are not constrained by postal installation regulations.


  • For Private Use/Access Only (Private Party Distribution) Not USPS Approved for Direct U.S Mail Delivery
  • Front loading Horizontal Mailboxes
  • All tenant locks and keys are included
  • Unit Size: 57-1/2″H x 24-3/8″W x 17″D
  • Rough Opening Size: 55-1/4″H x 22-1/8″W x 17″D
  • Compartment Sizes: 10-3/8″H x 4″W x 15″D
  • Weight: 153 lbs.
  • 24 usable tenant compartments (master lock takes place of one compartment)
  • Please Note: This large commercial mailbox is made to order and is non-returnable

Door Identification: Blank doors, clear plastic number slots (most popular), or custom door engraving (extends lead time)

Colors: Anodized Aluminum Only


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