Mail Drop Collection Boxes For Private Use/Access

Mail Drop Collection Boxes from National Mailboxes are freestanding collection boxes for private use/access only. We have an indoor and an outdoor option to fit your collection needs. Mail Drop Collection Boxes easily accept large overstuffed envelopes and even small packages. Learn More

For more product info contact the National Mailboxes Customer Support Center at 1-800-676-5161

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Showing all 3 results

Product Line Features:

  • Ideal for office, mailroom, mail center, or front entry applications
  • Freestanding private locking type
  • Includes private lock for private use/access only (Not USPS Approved for USPS pick-up)
  • Easily accepts large overstuffed envelopes & small packages
  • Made out of steel construction for decades of use and extended long life
  • Large mail drop slot or pull down door with inside security drop panel
  • Retrieval door swings out of the way to pick-up deposited mail and packages