H3600 Series Wall Mount Collection Box Units for Horizontal Mailboxes (USPS Approved for Replacement Only)

Wholesale PricingH3600 Series Wall Mount Collection Boxes from National Mailboxes provide a central location for all your postal collection needs. These units are Wall Mount and come in Front Loading and Rear Loading models. They are made of high quality aluminum for maximum durability and come in 3 contemporary colors. H3600 Series Collection Units come in 5 High, 6 High, and 7 High sizes to match our 4B Horizontal Mailbox Units. These units are perfect for use at apartments, condos, commercial buildings, government offices, and schools. Learn More

For more product info contact the National Mailboxes Customer Support Center at 1-800-676-5161

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Showing all 6 results

Product Line Features:

  • USPS Approved!
  • Wall mounted
  • Includes lock and keys
  • Constructed of heavy duty aluminum
  • Choose front loading or rear loading units
  • 3 contemporary colors to choose from

Collection Mailboxes FAQs: