Brass Wall Mount Horizontal Mailboxes - For Private Use/Access

Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes

The National Mailboxes H2000 Series Brass Wall Mount Horizontal Mailboxes have solid brass die-cast doors which include a five pin cylinder cam lock with two keys, a clear 1/4″ glass window and a name plate to identify the tenant’s name and/or box number. The doors are hinged on brass frames and are attached to the individual compartments with four screws. The commercial mailbox compartments are constructed of 20 gauge steel and powder coated tan. They are designed to stack two high and mount adjacent to each other or between wall studs. All units have the same outside dimensions. Rear loading units can be accessed by the U.S.P.S. when used in Rotary Mail Centers. Learn More

For more product info contact the National Mailboxes Customer Support Center at 1-800-676-5161

Product Line Features:

  • For Private Use/Access Only (Private Party Distribution)
  • Front Loading Style or Rear Loading Style (Open Backs)
  • Recessed, In-Wall Mount Only
  • Each mailbox door is equipped to identify the tenant’s name and/or box number
  • Self-adhesive numbers (1-3000 available) are supplied upon request with a standard order
  • Custom identification systems are available as an option upon request
  • Label holders neatly organize and identify the front/rear of the mailbox compartments and are available as an option upon request

If Rear Loading: Units have open backs. Locking rear covers (H2050) are available as an option upon request.

If Front Loading: Units include solid rear covers. Two master commercial locks with two keys (H2092) open a door panel that swings on a continuous hinge. All openings are usable.


  • Custom sized mailbox units – call for pricing
  • Plastic windows – eliminates compartment visibility
  • Rear covers – locking on rear loading units (H2050)
  • Trim – tan snap-on peripheral trim – 1-1/2″W x 3/8″D for up to 3 columns of mailboxes (H2013)
  • Custom window engraving – plastic windows only (H2068)
  • Self-adhesive numbers – sheets of (100) (H2095)
  • Label holders – (50) 3” W x 3/8” H (H1070)


  • Each mailbox door includes a five (5) pin cylinder cam lock with two (2) keys (1,000 different key changes)
  • Lock – for 2000 series (H2090)
  • Three (3) digit single dial combination lock with spring latch and automatic throw-off (combination numbers can be changed by owner) Not available on #3 doors (H2086)
  • Thumb latch – in lieu of standard lock (H2089)
  • Lock – front loading master (H2092) not pictured
  • Additional keys per lock (H2090) when ordering (H2098)
  • Key blanks – box of (50) – for 2000 series (H2099)