Parcel Lockers - Pedestal Type - USPS Approved - For Packages Only

Aluminum Parcel Lockers – Commercial Mailboxes

Aluminum parcel lockers provide a place to safely store large packages. They can be installed independently or integrated into a front- or rear-loading horizontal commercial mailboxes. The standard features for our parcel lockers come available in full range of finishes, engraved doors and with pedestal stand base. All parcel lockers listed below are USPS approved and postal certified.

Designed for use with H1570 Series Cluster Box Units (CBUs). All models are front loaded and pedestal is included in price. Each one is prepared for a master lock on the top and a catching type parcel lock below.


  • Front loading
  • All aluminum construction
  • USPS approved
  • Standard hood protects against the elements
  • Price includes pedestal
  • For Packages Only (Parcel Lockers are NOT designed for mail and cannot be used for mail delivery)


  • Engraved letters or numbers

Parcel Locker Purpose and Use Information

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Showing all 6 results