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The Vario 4C Mailbox Shelter offered by National Mailboxes is America’s first fully customizable 4C configurable mail shelter, stemming from the need for more architecturally driven design options for centralized mail delivery which is the US Postal Service’s desired method of mail delivery for new developments. This high quality mailbox shelter design provides architects and building specialists with versatility, flexibility, and opportunity to personalize the final product so it integrates with the neighborhood and surrounding architecture. Construct your mailbox shelter to fit your specific project requirements. Click below for the standard models offered.

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Showing all 9 results

More Information About Our Vario Shelters:

  • Provide an attractive outdoor mail center that can be configured to fit your community or neighborhood with National Mailboxes USPS Approved Outdoor Vario 4C Mail Shelter.
  • Our mail station shelters are the ideal compliment to the 4C mailboxes.
  • These are the country’s first 4c configurable outdoor mail shelter, developed for the need for more architecturally friendly design options for centralized mail delivery.
  • National Mailboxes Vario mail shelters offers design and building architects and contractors with great flexibility as well as opportunity to personalize the end product so it blends in with the neighborhood and surrounding building architecture.
  • This USPS Approved Vario outdoor mail shelter is designed and built to the 2006 International Building Code Standards for 90 mph wind resistance with an added option for 150 mph wind resistance-(hurricane rated).
  • Our Vario mail shelter package comes complete with our USPS Approved 4c mailboxes to go with it.
  • These Vario shelters will include cabinets ideally sized to fit the suite of 4C mailboxes that you have selected with your package.
  • 4C Mailboxes come with either aluminum number plate decals with up to 8 digits, or engraved numbering with up to 8 characters.
  • Each tenant door or compartment adheres to the new minimum postal size requirement of 12″W x 15″D x 3″H.
  • 3 keys per tenant door are included for the 4C mailboxes.
  • Roofing framework and structure is included although actual material including plywood, shingles or tiles for roof finishing is not. You can choose this to match your existing architectural surroundings.

Mailbox shelters can be used alone, attached end to end, back to back, end to end-back to back to create a larger bank of centralized mailboxes.

Optional accessories available to customize/personalize your shelter installation.

Vario 4C Mailbox Shelters are offered in various configurations to meet any commercial or residential development complex requirement. Listed below are the explanations of the different types of shelter configurations. For more product information and special pricing call National Mailboxes customer service at 1-800-676-5161 or click here for downloadable pdf catalog.

Contact National Mailboxes Customer Service Center for more product information at 1-800-676-5161.

  • Standard (4C Mailboxes mounted on one side)
  • Back to Back (4C Mailboxes mounted on two sides)
  • End to End (Two or more standard shelters joined together)
  • End to End / Back to Back (Two or more back to back shelters joined together)
  • Optional Mid-Selection (Extends an end to end or end to end/back to back installation by adding additional middle connector.