Mail Safe Locking Mailboxes (USPS Approved)

Mail Safe Locking Residential Mailbox

National Mailboxes’ Mail Safe locking residential mailboxes were engineered and designed by former USPS mail carriers with the latest security measures and issues taken into consideration.

  • USPS Approved
  • Superior design makes it extremely rugged, durable and strong.
  • Made of high impact heavy duty composite plastic
  • These mail safe mailboxes will provide decades of security and extended life
  • Available in seven granite colors: dark bronze, charcoal, white, green, sandstone, light gray and terra cotta. Have UV protection to prevent color fading
  • Mail safe locking residential mailboxes gives customers the security and peace of mind due to they’?re high security design, mail theft resistance and tamper resistance.
  • Allows customers to leave on vacations and holidays without having to alert inform the US Postal Service. This is the result of the large capacity of the locked holding bin way beyond the reach of possible mail thefts.
  • Ensures that your mail will be dry due to design and material that they’?re made of
  • Feature a front door for mail to get deposited in
  • Equipped with rear access locking door which allows user to conveniently and safely get they’?re mail without needing to go into the street
  • Structure and design of mail safe mailboxes make it resistant to impact from ball bats but will break away if hit by an automobile or snow plow.

For more product information contact National Mailboxes customer support center at 1-800-676-5161


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