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Parcel Locker Operation:

Parcel Lockers are exclusively designed for packages or parcels and are NOT intended for mail. Parcel lockers can be selected for USPS Use/Access as long as they’re USPS Approved or can be designated-used for Private Use/Access-(Private Distribution). Parcel lockers for postal use are designed to be used in conjunction with other mailboxes placed next to them. Everybody or all tenants share these parcel compartments depending upon who has a package that day.

For USPS Use/Access: (Postal Carrier Delivers Directly)
There are two keyholes or two locks in each parcel locker door or compartment, the USPS- postal lock that the Post Office installs and the private captive lock that the tenant uses. If somebody has a package on any given day, the mail carrier puts the parcel key inside they’re mailbox. The tenant then retrieves the parcel key while getting they’re mail and then opens up the private lock in the parcel locker door, retrieves their package and then the keys stays stuck or retained in the private captive lock. The next day the postal carrier comes by when delivering mail and then opens their USPS lock-keyhole which releases the retained parcel key in the private lock-keyhole. The process then starts all over again as more packages are delivered.

For more product information on Parcel Locker Operation contact National Mailboxes’ Customer Support Center at 1-800-676-5161.